Laity vital to Pihopatanga growth

13 August 2015

Laity vital to Pihopatanga growth

[AnglicanTaonga] Amongst calls being made for the New Zealand flag to remain and a motion for a Bishop's age of retirement overturned, a profound theme threading its way through this year’s Te Runanganui was that the voice of laity be heard in support of its clergy.

For Te Pihopatanga to grow the Church, laity must step up and take control of the administration side of the Church, freeing clergy up to get on with their core business of worship.

“Minita a Whanau” and education were key points in strategic planning discussions throughout the weekend which continued on the theme for laity to become involved in supporting clergy in their own wider communities with the Church, recognising the wider whānau of the Church as being its backbone. 

Archbishop Brown Turei chaired Te Runanganui with humility and wisdom providing guidance and impetus throughout the programme.

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