About Us

The Anglican Indigenous Network (AIN) is one of the Networks of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

It traces its historic beginnings to the 1991 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Phoenix, Arizona where the first step was taken toward forming a network of indigenous Anglicans.

Anglican Indigenous Network - Mission Statement

Our Aims:

  • We are indigenous minority peoples living in our own lands.
  • We are committed to the Anglican tradition while affirming our traditional spirituality.
  • We have discovered that we have many things in common: a common spirituality, common concerns, common gifts, and common hopes.
  • We believe that God is leading the Church to a turning point in its history and that the full partnership of indigenous peoples is essential.
  • Therefore we pledge to work together to exercise our leadership in contributing our vision and gifts to transform the life of the Christian community.

Contact us through the Office of the Secretariat:

Mr Charles Hemana, Aotearoa New Zealand manager@tpoa.org.nz

Revd Dr Paul Reynolds paulfa.reynolds@gmail.com

AIN Steering group elected at 2017 AIN meeting in Toronto

The Rt. Rev. Te Kitohi Pikaahu (New Zealand) was re-elected as the Chair of the AIN for another two years.

Moved: The Ven. Lewis Powell (USA)

Seconded: Ms. P. Kalani Holokai ( Hawai’i)

All agreed

The steering group agreed to by the delegates for the next two years includes:

Dr. Rose Elu (Torres Strait)

The Rev. Daryl McCullough (Australia/Torres Strait)

The Rev. Dr. Bradley Hauff (USA)

Ms. P. Kalani Holokai (Hawai’i)

Mr Edward Bruce Hanohano (Hawai’i)

The Rev. Canon Virginia Doctor (Canada)

The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald (Canada)

Mr Charles Hemana (New Zealand)

The Rev. Dr. Paul Reynolds (New Zealand)