About Us

The Anglican Indigenous Network traces its historic beginnings to the 1991 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Phoenix, Arizona where the first step was taken toward forming a network of indigenous Anglicans. Consequential gatherings of AIN have resulted in a mission statement:

Anglican Indigenous Network - Mission Statement

Our Aims:

  • We are indigenous minority peoples living in our own lands.
  • We are committed to the Anglican tradition while affirming our traditional spirituality.
  • We have discovered that we have many things in common: a common spirituality, common concerns, common gifts, common hopes.
  • We believe that God is leading the Church to a turning point in its history and that the full partnership of indigenous peoples is essential. Therefore we pledge to work together to exercise our leadership in contributing our vision and gifts to transform the life of the Christian community.

The creation of a secretariat has been established to organize and administer AIN and its gatherings that are held once every two years. Although the present membership consists of indigenous Anglicans from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Australia (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders), Canada, Hawai'i (Native Hawaiian), and the United States of American, since 1994 AIN has sought to invite and expand its membership to include other indigenous Anglican minorities in the Communion.

Delegates to the AIN gatherings represent the five programme areas of AIN: elders, youth, women, clergy and indigenous theological educators. Delegations are responsible for their airfares to all gatherings and the host member is responsible for ground transportation, accommodations and meals. The AIN gatherings occur every two years and hosting is done by rotation and also financial requirements.

Anglican Indigenous Network Standing Committee

Secretary General & representing Aotearoa New Zealand: Bishop John Gray

Australia: Revd Gloria Shipp

Canada: Venerable Sydney Black

Hawaii: Mr Edward Hanohano

Torres Strait Islands: Ms Rose Elu

USA: Revd Rachel Taber-Hamilton

Administrator: Mr Charles Hemana - Email


The Secretary-General of the Anglican Indigenous Network is also the Chief administrative officer of the operations of the AIN office, and of the Organization. The Secretary-General is a symbol of AIN's ideals and mission and serves as a spokesperson for AIN and its Members.

As an advocate on behalf of AIN and its Members, the Secretary-General also provides and supports communication to Members on specific concerns, issues and other matters related to AIN and indigenous minorities. An annual report to the Members and the Standing Committee and to the triennial Anglican Consultative Council is submitted by the Secretary-General as part of this communication effort.

As part of the function of the office the Secretary-General visits each Member area to meet with delegations and affiliate institutions, and to meet with their people and communities.

AIN holds a Membership meeting once every two years and the Secretary-General develops and designs the meeting in conjunction with the host group.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat provides administrative and clerical support for the Secretary-General, and continual and timely support, communication, coordination to all Members, observers and affiliated institutions and agencies. In this regard the staff supports the Secretary-General by providing the coordination in conjunction with hosting parties for the meetings of AIN and any other sponsored AIN gatherings, workshops and functions.

The staff develops and distributes all publications and press releases concerning AIN, and receives and responds to all communication directed to AIN.

The Secretariat maintains a directory, mail lists and archives all materials on and related to AIN, and assists in designing, coordinating and distributing publications and materials of and related to AIN.